Wine Dirt

Portrait of Mary Studt, wine tour guide and owner of Wine DirtMary Studt, Wine Dirt, 503-583-4391 –
Oregon & Washington Winery Tours. Take a tour with us and ‘get the dirt on wine’…you won’t be sorry!

Pack your camera and prepare your senses for the experience of a lifetime.
Visually, you will discover the stunning beauty of the Columbia Gorge or the lush foothills of the Willamette Valley. Also, while visiting wineries nestled in areas of Washington’s Clark County, you will discover why people agree that the Pacific Northwest is one of the most unique places on earth.

Tasting your way through one of these areas will also help you appreciate the land and the special “terroirs” of the different locations, which eventually end up in your glass of wine! Book Your ‘All-Inclusive, Joinable’ Oregon and Washington Wine Tour.

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