About Us

White horse drawn buggy at Quailhurst Winery in Sherwood, Oregon

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, your friends and to your corporation. The Associated Tour Guide Network is a network of independent well-seasoned professional tour guides operating in the Northwestern United States.  Our Network has set a goal to achieve higher standards.  The tour guides listed in this website have agreed to abide by some reasonable rules and attainable standards to keep our industry running at a professional level. Your safety is our highest concern.

Our Mission Statement


It is our desire to be ambassadors to Oregon and Washington Wineries, Cities, Parks and other tourist attractions by presenting them in an informative, entertaining and responsible manner.  We are committed to providing a safe environment for our guests and to preserving the unique attractions in our Northwest communities.  In regards to the wine tour industry, we encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol. Our members act accordingly.

We have set forth some very important policies that we believe will benefit you and your tour.  All of our members have agreed to abide by the policies set forth by this network.

Here are a few of the policies that pertain to wine tasting tours we think are noteworthy.

  • Tour guide members will refrain from tasting wine on any tour.
  • Tour guide members are courteous to our clients, the wine community and other network members.
  • Tour guide members will keep our vehicles clean, presentable and well maintained.
  • Tour guide members will not allow a client to drive themselves home if they show signs of intoxication.  We will arrange for a designated driver, call a cab or offer them a ride home.
  • Tour guide members will come to the assistance of another member in need when we are available.

Note:  If you experience any infractions by one of our members, please call us at 360-904-1402 and report it.